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Hong Kong


    Before 1841, Hong Kong was little more than “a barren island with hardly a house upon it”, a haunt for fishermen, smugglers and pirates.

    Britain established her presence in 1842 when there was a fortune to be made in the tea trade. British ships would stop at Hong Kong before making their way up the Pearl River to the main Chinese port of Canton.

    Hong Kong’s development has been inexorably tied to events on the Chinese mainland. War, famine and political upheaval in China led to a series of population explosions. The first came in Hong Kong’s early years as a British colony. Unable to safely carry out their business in Canton, the hongs, the original trading houses moved their headquarters to the security of Hong Kong. The second wave of immigration came in 1949 with the Communist takeover in China. This time, the newcomers were from Shanghai entrepreneurs, arriving with complete factories. Their investment and their expertise boosted Hong Kong’s mercantile capabilities. The last wave of immigrants was refugees from the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s.

    Manufacturing, banking and finance are Hong Kong’s prime sources of income, and it is one of the world’s most important financial centers. The busy harbor is still the heart of its activity.  Hong Kong became a part of China again in1997.


(Hong Kong)

4-day/3-night (per person sharing twin)

Single supplement (per person)


(per room)

Kimberley (***)



$60: April 15-30 &   

        Sept. 15-30

$200: Oct. 1- Nov. 15

New World Renaissance (****)



$90: Jan. 13-24 &

         April 1-30

$270: Oct.7-Nov.15

Sheraton (*****)



$120: Jan.1-19 &  

          April 1-14 &  

          Sept. 16- Oct.6

$350: April 15-30 &


 The above tour package (minimum 2 persons) includes:

        -     SIC Round trip airport & hotel transfers

        -    3-day American breakfast 

        -    3-night hotel accommodation at the hotel of your choice 

        -    A half day SIC Hong Kong Island Tour

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