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    Important Notice (Air Tickets)

     1.    Check-in at least 1 hour prior to departure for domestic flights and 2 hours for international flights.  Extra time may be needed due to heightened 

              security after 9/11/2001.

    2.    Luggage allowance (check-in/economy class passenger): Many airlines have changed from two pieces to one piece per adult with a maximum

             weight of 50 lbs on trans-Pacific or trans-Atlantic travel and decided to charge most travelers holding economy class tickets a $25 (or more) fee

             for checking a second bag.  (Some airlines no longer offer any free check-in luggage service.) There is a restriction of 40-44 lbs each adult on

             inter-Asia, inter-Europe, or travel other than mentioned above. Please call airlines directly for accuracy as details may change.

    3.    Over-bookings: Airline flights may be overbooked.  A person denied boarding on a flight might be entitled to compensation from the airlines.  The

             rules on denied boarding are available at airline counters.

    4.    Travel Documents: Check whether your travel documents and visa (if traveling to foreign countries) are valid & carry all necessary travel

             documents with you at all times.

    5.    Airlines Offer: Many airlines offer mileage accumulation programs and pre-assigned seating.  Contact airlines directly for details.

    6.    Automatic Flight Insurance termination: Our company used to provide our ticketing passengers with a flight insurance in the amount of

                US$150,000 per person at no charge on passengers. Due to the fact that the involving insurance company has informed us its termination of this  

                program, we are no longer providing this insurance effective Nov. 01, 2011.



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