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    Since Taipei was proclaimed the provisional capital of the “Republic of China” on Dec. 7, 1949, Taiwan’s economic development has evoked descriptions ranging from phenomenal to miraculous. When you visit Taipei, do not miss the National Palace Museum.

    Taiwan became a protectorate of the Chinese Empire in 1206, and was elevated to the status of a province in 1885. One of the most glorious episodes in its rich, eventful history was the subjugation in 1661 by the Ming Dynasty loyalist, warrior and statesman Koxinga of the Dutch invaders who had occupied the island for 37 years, since 1624. In 16th Century, Portuguese mariners enchantingly christened Taiwan as “Ilha Formosa” (Beautiful island). Taiwan was occupied by Japan from Ching Dynasty to the end of World War II.

    Taiwan has over 18 million population. Apart from about 260,000 native aborigines, the people are Chinese originating from mainland China from which they brought their manners and customs, rites and traditions and distinctive way of life.

    Full freedom of religion prevails in Taiwan, where Buddhism predominates. There are about 600,000 Christians, divided evenly between Roman Catholics and Protestants, and about 50,000 Moslems. The island has achieved the highest rate of school-age attendance (99.6%) in East Asia.





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 The above tour package (minimum 2 persons) includes:

        -    SIC Round trip airport & hotel transfers 

        -    2-day American breakfast 

        -    2-night hotel accommodation at the hotel of your choice 

        -    A half-day SIC City Tour

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