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Terms and Conditions for Air Tickets

    1.    Reservations: Confirmed reservations may be revoked unless full payment is received and the ticket is issued. Particularly after 9/11/2001, reservations may be subject to change or cancellation by the airlines as needs in accordance with their protocol.

   2.    Payments:

            (1)   Bank check (money order or cashierís check) is required if you are making payment within 30 days prior to departure or demanding the ticket(s) be sent to you right away. (Note:  The bank will hold the funds for a period of time if paying by a personal check.).  Tai Holidays (hereafter called TH) will normally accept credit card payments when the relevant airlines accept credit card payments.  However, passengers must inform TH of the credit card information before the ticket is issued.  Cardholder must come to THís office to imprint the credit card or send the cardholderís written authorization, duly completed & signed, and photocopies of credit card (front & back) and picture ID to TH.

            (2) US$40 for each transaction of the returned check.

            (3) If the amount charged to the credit card is more than the invoice amount,   the difference will be refunded after the passengerís completion of the trip. Please send TH photocopies of (a) the invoice indicating the return date and (b) credit card statement.

    3.    Other Services:  If passenger makes the hotel, tour, rental car, or other travel reservation(s) through TH and does not receive a written confirmation or voucher, please contact TH at least 7 days before departure.

    4   Delivery of Tickets: Normally, tickets are to be sent by regular mail.  If the passenger needs the paper ticket(s) to be sent by certified or registered mail, please let us know at the time of ordering the ticket(s) and at least 3 weeks prior to departure.  If the passenger is making payment within 2 weeks prior to departure, the paper ticket(s) must be sent to them by express mail to ensure timely receipt.  The additional charge of certified, registered, or express mail* (*US$35 for foreign countries & *US$25 for domestic but subject to change) is at the passengerís cost and needs to be paid in advance. TH is not liable for the actions of the Postal Office or any other shipping companyís service.  P.O. Boxes may not be deliverable for express mails.

    5.    Ticketing: E-tickets (electronic/ticketless) are increasing in popularity. However, paper tickets are still used.  If you have a preference, please let TH know prior to ticketing.  Otherwise, the type of ticket issued will be at THís discretion and changes can not be made after the ticket is issued.  E-ticket passengers have to present reservation confirmation and their picture I.D. to get the boarding pass at the departure airport.

    6.    Check Tickets: Passengers should immediately check whether their name(s), traveling date(s), carrier(s), flight number(s) & status of your ticket(s) is/are correct.  Passengers should also call all airlines to reconfirm your reservation(s) where necessary.  If there is any incorrect information or discrepancies, please inform TH within 48 hours upon receipt of the travel document(s). Otherwise, it is understood & agreed that all information is correct & accepted by passenger(s). After the 48 hours has passed, TH is no longer liable for any incorrect information claimed and any additional cost that may incur as a result.

    7.    Reconfirmation: All passengers must reconfirm reservations with the airline(s) they are flying with at least 3 days prior to starting their trip and at each stopover by calling the airline's local office and leaving passengerís local phone number(s) with the airlines.  This will allow the airlines to contact passengers when it is necessary. (To get the airlines toll free numbers in U.S.A., please call 1-800-555-1212.).  Reservations may be cancelled if the passenger fails to reconfirm.

    8.    Special Requests: Passengers must notify TH of any special requests, such as special foods & seat preference, at the time of booking.  Requests cannot be guaranteed, but TH will do its best to fulfill special needs.

    9.    Each refund, re-issuance or report of lost ticket: In addition to penalty/charge made by the airlines, passengers will be charged for each refund, re-issuance or report of lost ticket. An administrative service charge will be collected to cover THís and/or airlines consolidate agentís expenses. Refunds usually take about 30 to 90 days for entire unused tickets & 90 to 180 days for partially used tickets.  Kindly note that unused tickets may have no refund value.  Please attach a copy of the invoice for refund, re-issuance or report of lost ticket.

    10.    Additional Costs: If as a result of weather or other conditions outside of THís control, passengers are prevented or delayed from departure or arrival and need hotel accommodations, transportation arrangements, or additional services, the additional costs are solely the passengersí responsibility.

    11.    Insurance: Please refer to airline regulations concerning insurance liability.  To minimize passengerís loss due to airlines limited liability & bankruptcy, it is highly recommended that passengers buy additional insurance.  Call TH for travel insurance brochure.

    12.    Disclaimer: TH is not liable for any errors, omissions or misquotes contained in its website or any other promotional documentation.  The contents of its website or other promotional documentation are subject to change without notice.

    13.    Rights: TH reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and may unilaterally change its ďTerms & ConditionsĒ at any time.

    14.    Jurisdiction: It is agreed by and between passengers and TH that all disputes and matters whatsoever arising under or in connection with or incident to the responsibility of TH and its employees shall be litigated, if at all, in and before a court location in Los Angeles County, State of California, U.S.A. to the exclusion of any other courts. 

    15.    Waive jury: It is agreed by and between passengers and TH that all parties waive their right to any jury trial in any action, proceeding, or counterclaim brought by any party against any other party.

    16.    Arbitration clause: It is agreed by and between passengers/tour participants and TH that all disputes and matters whatsoever arising under or in connection with or incident to the responsibility of TH and its employees, affiliates, and associates shall be arbitrated in Los Angeles County, State of California, U.S.A., pursuant to the Rules of the American Arbitration Association in effect at the time the claim is filed, upon the request of either party.  Judgment upon any award rendered by any arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction.  The Federal Arbitration Act shall apply to the construction, interpretation, and enforcement of this arbitration provision.

    17.    Airlines Bankruptcies:

            (1) TH may not be allowed to provide refunds for tickets from airlines that have declared bankruptcy because money paid to TH immediately becomes the property of airlines;

            (2) If an airlines declares bankruptcy, it may continue regular service, have limited service or stop service completely. Other airlines may sometimes accept the flight coupon(s) with restrictions however this is solely at their discretion.

    18.    Responsibility: TH and its employees, affiliates, and associates act only as agent for the airlines, transportation companies, tour operators, hotels, wholesalers, restaurants, contractors, and service companies providing accommodation, transportation or other services, all of which are disclosed principals & independent suppliers. TH and its employees, affiliates, and associates shall not be or become liable for the following:

            (1) Any negligent act, error or omission by any of above mentioned independent suppliers; and

            (2) Any injuries, damage, illness, death, loss, and other claims caused to any person & property in connection with any accommodations, transportation or services resulting from any acts of God, fire, disasters, accidents, terrorist activities, war, social or labor unrest, thefts, mechanical or construction failures or difficulties, disease, local laws or customs regulations, climate conditions, criminal or abnormal conditions, & any conditions out of THís control.

    19.    Acceptance: Receipt of your payment represents your acknowledgement and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as well as the Important Notice.


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